Like a Girl:Always

Mumbi Shokey


Last week I had the pleasure of attending a very warm dinner with other bloggers at Le Palanka, courtesy of  Always Kenya.I had a s light idea of what it would be like because i had already watched this advert on you tube.Every time I’d watch it though, I was reminded of how girls are treated tender from the younger years. When we fall, we are held and our tears are wiped because we’re soft.When we are moody, everyone assumes it’s that time of the month.When we are taking time to dress up, the men wait impatiently but they know we can’t help it.We are girls.

But I am so damn proud to be a girl,a woman!I can do things thrice as good as my brothers.I can change bulbs, hammer nails into doors, push the car when it won’t start you name it!Not forgetting that can I cook, talk and…

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