Why Smoothies Work

Healthy Living Kenya

Many of my weight loss clients often mention to me a popular facebook page, operation lose that pot belly, on how they insist on smoothies for weight loss and on this post I will break down why smoothies are very effective on managing weight.

Raw Nutrition

The ‘ordinary’ Kenyan diet has very little or no raw foods in it. Am not talking about fruit, which is vital for weight loss, though in small quantities, am talking about raw green vegetables with live enzymes and unharmed nutrients which are easily damaged by heat. And considering how most people overcook their veggies, its appalling how little of raw foods people consume and hence the high frequency of obesity and lifestyle diseases among mostly urban middle class.

green smoothie Kale-Coconut Smoothie

The basic smoothie I recommend to my clientele is based on fresh (preferably organic) local vegetables. The trick here is to consume more…

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