Let Go of The Bitterness and Anger!

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Life is like painting a masterpiece - these are parts to my masterpiece!


Asking For Forgiveness
Asking For Forgiveness (Photo credit: hang_in_there)

Forgiveness is a complex issue and I struggle to understand what it really means. Does forgiveness mean that once you utter the words, ‘I have forgiven you’ then you never think about it? Does forgiveness mean that I do not have strong feelings regarding the issue? Does forgiveness mean that – I am okay with what you did for my sake or for your sake?

I am not sure what the responses to these questions are, but what I am sure off is that I struggle with forgiveness.

My husband Felix amazes me with the ease at which he forgives people. No matter how horrendous the transgression is, my husband simply moves on after a while and never makes reference to it. He often tells me, ‘My dear, you know I don’t hold things against anyone, you should try to do the same!’

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