21 Things That Just Aren’t Fair, So You Might As Well Get Over Them

Thought Catalog

1. Some people are born into families and circumstances which, despite their clearly limited talents or abilities in any given field, will yield the kind of opportunities and luxuries that most of us will never experience.

2. Said people will always insist that their position at birth was simply a “foot in the door,” and nothing more, even though anyone with even a passing knowledge of the professional world knows that said “foot in the door” is the most crucial part.

3. Many people throughout your life are going to start off with the promise of good friendship and real understanding, only to quickly reveal themselves as a friend you can only engage in shallow, superficial party interactions with.

4. Some people are the kind of people who stand up their dates, and sometimes you are unlucky enough to accept a night out with them. And you’ll be the one…

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