Resist the Usual go out have fun courtesy of Budget Traveller

Wherever you have free time what do you do? These are leave days, weekends or simply a few hours? Majority of us have made a habit of doing monotonous things when we have free time. I gathered the following after talking to some individuals:-

John: – “I will be out of office for two days going to do my side hustle
Sandra: – “Iam going on leave for two weeks I will be visiting my relatives upcountry”
Jane: – “This weekend I will be indoors reading and watching movies”
Enock: – “This weekend I will go out and have fun with friends and drink myself silly”

You do realize you do this every other weekend for 365 days without noticing.  The above conversation is just plain boring, nothing new to learn or experience.
According to the laws of Kenya an employee is entitled to 21 leave days, in a month there are 8 days (weekend)set aside for resting.
Have you ever asked yourself what you achieve with this free time?

A typical person will do this for a weekend:-
Friday: – Out with friends in the same joints
Saturday: – Nurse Hangover then plan for an afternoon meet up with a business partner or nyama choma with friends in the same spot then drink yourself silly
Sunday: – Nurse hangover, go to church, family gathering

Weekend over, now back to the week madness. The reason why you do this is because the other plans are too expensive. Of course you won’t do the above with empty pockets one has to spend money. Some people spend roughly between Kshs. 5000 and Kshs 50,000 depending with activities in one weekend doing the same activities and hanging around the same people/friends

Attending Bacardi part 150 years celebration with a friend
Attending Bacardi part 150 years celebration with a friend

There is more to going out to joints and having fun every weekend. It is possible to engage yourself in activities that will be memorable and exciting using the same amount you spend on drinking and hopping from one club to another. These include: – camping, hiking, gateways, lunches, koroga sessions, etc. For as a little as less than Kshs. 2,000 you can enjoy with available facilities and activities around the country.

Koroga session with friends at Spice roots Westlands
Koroga session with friends at Spice roots Westlands

Such trips lead people getting exposed and learning a few things since you get to meet new people, network and interact more. For fun purposes bring someone who has never been in the group for interaction purposes, alternatively travel with people you less interact with so that you get to know and learn from them. This might be the beginning of better things such as business deal, job opportunities, BFFs, partners etc.

with friends on our to the Great Rift Valley -Eldoret
with friends on our to the Great Rift Valley -Eldoret

Budget Traveller’s Facebook page has facilities that can be explored such as Loidoriak House in Magadi a nice gateway for family or friends, Nairobi Tented Camp, A treat in the Wilderness at Nairobi National Park a perfect place for camping with friends or family. For more details visit Budget Traveller Facebook page.

Secrets for travelling on a friendly budget?
• Travel in a group of two or more to share costs. E.g transport, accommodation, etc.
• Plan in advance for example when you want to celebrate anniversaries such as birthdays, weddings, reunion etc. set the date and work with the dates
• Check out for offers in different places across the country. Remember there are peak periods and off peak periods depending with how the tourism industry works.
GO OUT HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!


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