Keeping up with Natural Hair…

You might be wondering what the fascination with natural hair stories. Everyone is talking about the Big Chop (BC) ladies transforming from relaxed hair to natural hair. This would have been the last thing to think of if I had relaxed hair.  Natural hair stories are all over the internet with ladies showcasing their prowess by coming up with creative interesting hair styles.  Keeping it natural varies depending with an individual’s personality and style. There are those who prefer going bald, afro look, twist out or rugged look. Well this also depends with the length of the hair.

Mum Keeping it Natural at my age yes that is me on her lap
Mum Keeping it Natural at my age yes that is me on her lap

Once upon time I had relaxed hair  because it was easy to maintain as opposed to natural hair, given that mine is very thick and a lot. In early 2009 I never had time for my hair and salons since I was ever out of town working weekends included. After a decade of relaxed hair one Sunday Afternoon instead of going to the salon I went to the barber shop next door and had my hair cut without regretting.  The cut was followed by mixed reactions from my siblings, friends and colleagues some positive others negative but I did not care. With time people got used to my new look. My small sister and mum followed suit. One my siblings had   been keeping it short ever since her high school days though. Well we are 5 girls just in case you are wondering who Iam talking about J.

Before the Big Chop
Before the Big Chop
After the Big chop
After the Big chop

Well my intention was to keep it short for sometimes then grow it back and eventually relax. After two years of keeping it short I embarked on the growth journey.  Since then it has been a journey of keeping it simple, use hairbands to push it back, visit salons for blow drying, braiding and cornrows. This became the order of the day. What a boring cycle  J . the growth journey has not been easy it has had its ups and downs especially  during weekdays when you have to comb it when not braided.

35998_1445341608152_95267_n 165270_1673974003819_2651984_n 581928_4900467464139_839709208_n

I came across this group on Facebook called Tricia Naturals,  initially my sister had mentioned it to me but wasn’t keen. Out of curiosity a friend of mine enquired about my hair after checking it out on my Facebook page, she then introduced me to the page and recommended some products. Since then the conversation about my hair journey has since changed and my perception has changed.   That was the beginning of appreciating my natural hair, I have learnt that there is much you can do with it. One can simply learn a lot from the group however some tips are just crazy and interesting. Recently they organized for an event where people attended so that they can interact and share their natural hair journey unfortunately I missed it and looking forward to the next one. Thanks to the group and other websites such as and my favorite I get to learn new ways of playing around with my hair.  Iam dreading coloring my hair however Iam skeptical since I don’t know how I will look like and which products would be best.

224146_1877848140545_4357418_n 304305_4981882459463_896512801_n 384522_4086142026512_28988883_n 398284_4126311750730_580594109_n

Since I started checking out different websites on natural hair maintenance, my salon visits have been very minimal. The last time I was in the salon was in March. I take care of my hair at home with relevant products that have helped in improving my hair texture. Hair maintenance at home  has helped in cutting down on cost since  it is much cheaper and also one saves a lot on time used to visit the salon among others. I try as much as I can to avoid blow drying because I learnt it weakens the hair. Another secret is if the hair is left uncombed it tends to grow faster since you don’t pull it quite often.

5882_10200570594441947_570930184_n 6459_10200564611932388_2134295682_n 9054_10200648169901285_1942723839_n 541283_4197359966891_1069714358_n 576688_390929417689558_331686971_n 599044_4960768451626_1602518744_n 600937_10200426413477513_531548585_n 944104_10200426413357510_997302377_n 970617_10200426414157530_1021548398_n 1002970_10200648163901135_646396245_n 1005180_10200648155220918_1499107132_n 1017478_10200564414087442_2048844797_n

This is my natural hair journey.  To all those who are scared of it is never too late your hair will eventually grow.  Can’t wait to experiment and learn moreJ. Well this is my story how about you?



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