A Weekend in the Mara

interesting piece on Kenya 🙂

When The Rum Is Gone

DSC01387      DSCN0005       …Kenya! A weekend in Kenya? I am one lucky Canadian to ever let those words come out of my mouth. That has been a lifelong travel dream since I even began to understand what travel was!

I was on a mission after finally confirming all the components from Flights to Kenya, hotel in Nairobi, hotel in the Mara, internal flights, transfers, game drives, park entrance fees… okay, it took one email and Fairmont Hotels and Resorts put the entire itinerary together. Being the shoulder season, it was a killer package deal and I was all packed and ready to go. I was going to see Simba, Timon, Pumba, Nala, Zazu, Rafiki and Mighty Mufasa… which made it a much more achievable goal considering we didn’t see a single Leopard the entirDSCN0159e trip and well, Leopards werent in the “Lion King”, so what.

Since I didn’t really stay to…

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