2013 The beginning of Hiking Madness thanks to Kwea Milele

2013 is my year, the year of being adventurous trying out outdoor activities away from the boring parties, movies, meet ups etc.

After my first experience in June 2012 during the Olorgesailie https://nakhulokhaimia.wordpress.com/2012/07/11/the-olorgesailie-climb-that-was-an-agonizing-pleasure/ I vowed never ever to go for this boring trips.  I kept on asking myself why go for hikes? What is there to see apart from trees and forest? Why take engage my body in unnecessary activities yet there other ways of spending my free time.

January 2013 a friend of mine was looking for people to go for a hike at Ngong Forest which is known for small groups hiking, since there was this group http://www.facebook.com/groups/kweamembers/?ref=ts&fref=ts  that organizes such activities I introduced her to the group since they were organizing a similar activity but this time round to Oloolua Nature walk. Since she did not know anyone in the group I decided to accompany her and promised myself that it shall be the last hike I ever do.


When I heard of Oloolua I was quite sure it is somewhere in Maasai land because of the name. Surprising enough it was in the middle of the leafy suburbs of Karen. Who would even think of a forest in that part of the world?  The place covers 250hectares which is a home of Institute of Primate Research that is run by National Museums of Kenya.


It is a good place for first time hikers since it is short and the terrain is manageable.  It is also a good place for jogging, relaxing picnic for a group of people in serene setting which is complete with benches, however everyone is expected to bring their own tents, food and cooking stuff.


The place has unique attractions such as a river that cuts through the forest, bamboo trees, water falls, and a man made swamp in the middle of the forest which looks like a football pitch. Further inside there is a cave that is a home to bats.

DSC00846 DSC00859 DSC00863 DSC00866 DSC00874 DSC00875 DSC00879 DSC00939 DSC00957 DSC01025 DSC01028 DSC01030 DSC01037 DSC01040 DSC01046 DSC01047 DSC01051 DSC008361

The place is easily accessible from Ngong Road or Lang’ata road which either public means a number 24 bus or private means.

I must commend Kwea Milele family who are always there for everyone ensuring events and logistics management of every aspect of the trips we take. As a newcomer they will always treat you like one of them as if they knew you for many years. If interested in hiking activities within Kenya and other parts of the world Kwea is the place for hiking fanatics you will get them  and get to share experiences….

307395_339173652865135_604310565_n 539572_339172089531958_1948434741_n 555889_10151305971518823_1371926328_n 812559_10151305970558823_365602363_o  DSC00905 DSC00922 DSC00928 DSC00938 DSC00950 DSC00951 DSC00959 DSC00968

This was one memorable hikes that made me change my mindset about hikes hence the beginning of weekend madness of hiking.  Thanks to the hike some of my Mt Kenya friends (Vivienne Ayuma and Timothy Kairu) of course not forgetting Amy Wahome who made me come for the hike.  We are like a small knit family ever sharing experiences, checking out on each other and looking forward to the next hikes. At the end of it though I felt like we had been taken for a ride it was a real hike but just a nature walk… onto the next one that is a story for another day



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