ClintonCharlie Designer Denim

Katinkas Closet

I’m a total jeans girl; in fact I couldn’t live without them. I love how they’re so versatile; can be dressed up or down, and how one pair of jeans can create an array of amazing outfits, from laid back chic to glammed up rock chick! In my opinion, it’s definitely worth investing in a few pairs of high quality jeans. A good pair will last years!

I recently came across the Sydney based Australian brand, ClintonCharlie and am really impressed with their designs. They offer designer denim at reasonable prices, available on-line through their website. Designed for men and women, they produce a range of high-quality jeans in a number of exciting styles and colours. The attention to detail, and tailored fit offer exceptional value and are a worthy investment. I adore the new Rockstar collection; it’s cool, edgy and sexy.

The Roadies are my favourite from the collection. I love the skinny fit…

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