From bookshelf to shoeshelf – Showing off your collection of shoes

Some of us will never have enough shoes and keep on buying more and more. Have you realized in a month you only wear at least five pairs of shoes reason being you don’t want to go through the several pairs to get that shoe you are looking for?  Transform that bookshelf that has been around and come up with an organized closet for your shoe collection display.


Imelda Marcos, once first lady of the Philippines, used library-style bookcases to store her collection of 3,000 pairs of shoes in the basement of her former palace home.


When you’re short on space, shoes are some of the hardest items to give a proper home.  They are always left everywhere on the floor in different rooms, put together in a dark corner gathering dust etc.


A shoeshelf will make your house look neat, you will identify the shoes so fast depending with the occasion thus saving on time when preparing to leave the house.

Arrange the shoes according to the type and colors e.g the flats, high heeled, boots, slip-ons etc.

16-768x1024 544654767136174347Dy18xyoc DIY Shoe Storage Wall DSCF3416 orig-15943131 Original_Caitlin-Wilson-shoe-cabinet_s3x4_lg Shoe Cabinet 1 Full



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