Loving Ankara..

Style by Piah

My latest fascination has been African Wear. I love its vibrancy, bright color, bold patterns and uniqueness of patterns. There are various names used worldwide to describe this clothing: Ankara, Kente, Kitenge, Woodin, Hollandis  name it.

Ankara is a cotton or cotton blend material that is found mostly in West and Central Africa. It is a light and long lasting material that was initially considered too traditional and was saved for weddings and other traditional ceremonies.

However today’s young Africans have decided to blend this lovely material with modern design and the loveliest collection of outfits have been created from this thought.

Have a look:

65278_511302675582531_1353287562_n2d0060c465ffea49e53bdffa94bbd4865e8ba4efc6f156c95656bc724f5a58e73807e933e1f9a47cb1b845e82f34f9cf  182320_459214334143461_163749095_n208795_10151493404649860_1087152356_n  576479_456467061084855_1800567059_n576889_10151493401849860_284254229_nabb2c3a53f0bf8f440f8381385a2dcd8dcf859846c2d3bd9e6fdf7dfba773e7a267666_222474961125536_4766770_ne7faa585aa56e2c01c5deb50de2663cb

Get a good tailor and try these designs out 🙂

To view more great design ideas, click here to view my Ankara and Kente board on Pinterest.

I’m seriously considering a wardrobe overhaul, away with the old in with the ANKARA!!!!

Stay Fabulous…

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