150th Anniversary Celebrations Bacardi Grand Party!!!!

Bacardi finally raised the bar and showed Nairobi how a party should be done at Club Ichonic, where the 150 years’ celebration invite-only party went down.

Revelers were treated to Bacardi Breezers, Mojitos, Bacardi Gold and Bacardi Premium rums as they enjoyed entertainment from the celebrated Calabash band. The birthday countdown was brought to a close with fireworks after which P-Unit took over control and pushed the party to the next level by performing some of their hit records as the crowd sung along.

Some of the socialites in attendance included Abbas, Gaetano, Camp Mulla, Marcus Kwikiriza just to name a few. Media personalities also graced the event and partied to the morning. The Bacardi Brand ambassador for Middle East and Africa, Richard Neil Irwin was also present at the event interacting with the crowd.

The festivity was the encore after a string of pre-party events that took place in various clubs across Nairobi. To set the pace, the brand ambassador, Richard Neil held a mixing session at the WW workshop (Junction) where he demonstrated to media personalities and onlookers the procedure of making mojitos and cocktails.

What started off as a chilly evening ended up being one of the best nights October has witnessed. With perfect lighting to go with the serene ambience, six bars, great music and a fun-loving crowd, nothing was expected short of a legendary party. And that’s exactly what the celebrators were treated to.

When asked whether the party was the end of it all, Bacardi-Martini Area Manager East Africa George Cozac, who also attended the event, had this to say:

“This is just the beginning. There are bigger and greater things to come. We are looking to strengthen our presence in Kenya and offer our consumers a variety of quality drinks. For example, the new Bacardi Breezer is rum that is flavored with fruits such as Water Melon, Tropical Orange and Pineapple just to name a few. There are so many plans underway, you will hear about them in due course.”



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