Balmain boots to die for…..

Every lady should at least have a good pair of boots to rock when it is cold, raining or just want to show off her other side.  Boots go with everything including dresses, skirts, more so skinny jeans.  It is very imperative to ensure that you coordinate every item whenever you wear boots because the moment you wear an outfit that does not go with boots the essence of style is killed completely.

Iam in love with Balmain Lace up boots.  These boots fall in the category of Brogues in my opinion but they are a bit different since they are ankle high and more casual than the brogues. They also look like Timberland for men but now reinforced with a high heel.


The Balmain boots come in different sizes, colors, and design. They have reinforced metal eyelets with buckles on either on the side, in front or at the back.

They are perfectly worn with skinny jeans or long flowing dresses or skirts that fall just above the shoe to bring out the classy look.

Celebrities that have rocked these booties. Include Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé among others.  Ladies go out there and grab a pair of Balmain Boots.

PS:- you can get them in any shoe store at Kshs. 3000 and above.



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