Let us talk about Dressing for Church

Every Sunday I look forward to attending church services. I will be lying that I attend masses 100% but at least I ensure I attend two or three masses every month depending on my availability. There those days you are tricked into going out on Saturdays thus becoming a challenge attending church service or maybe you are out of town on assignment.

Last Sunday during the sermon I had those moments of going to Wonderland and my eyes settled on some lady who was looking elegant, one could easily tell she had some sense of style following the color coordination and combination of different accessories. She had a figure hugging dress that made her stand out from the crowd.  But hey wait a minute was that lady coming to church in that dress or was she coming from somewhere and did not want to miss the church service? These are questions that I kept on asking myself without finding any answers.

I come from a rather conservative Catholic background whereby one is expected to treat a place of worship be it inside a building or in a field as a Holy Ground. This includes how you dress when going for a church service.  Sensitivity and modesty is very important when dressing up for Church. Hey I am not saying that you dress up like a nun in long flowing dresses and headscarf,  what I am trying to bring out is that there is a way you can dress up for church but in a modesty way. And I did not say you cannot completely wear trousers it depends on how you have accessorized and how tight the trouser is. But Tank tops, super miniskirts/dresses, figure hugging outfits and shorts are a no to Church.

Outfits not recommended for Church

Some people might be wondering what Iam on about yet God does not look at the way you are dressed but the spiritual aspect of it. During our teenage days my mum was always on the lookout to ensure that we are dressed appropriately for church this meant; no trousers, no shorts, no miniskirts, Instead a dress or a long skirt which means that the length should be below the knee.  I have grown up knowing that this is the appropriate way of dressing for Church not because of my mother but because I believe in having some principles. One is required to dress appropriately for different occasions and the Church is not an exception. Whenever I attend church service and see people dressed in skimpy outfits and tight jeans I get agitated and wonder what has become of our principals.

Step out in dresses to bring out the elegance

Debates on how to dress when going to church has been discussed over and over by different institutions and individuals and everyone have their own take on what to wear or what not wear. I know this is not a discussion that will end anytime soon, however I would recommend each person to internalize and understand that Church is a place of worship but not a fashion runway.  Wherever we leave the house for Church we also need to think of our beliefs and attitudes at the same time factoring in what you are comfortable with.

Colorful outfits will brighten your Sunday

The idea here is to be dressed in a presentable manner and ensure that you are comfortable around the people you are with.   A Church service has all kinds of people who include children, adults and the elderly.  Therefore it is important to keep in mind the kind of people you are going to meet, even if its casual or formal stick to the rules of the game.  Dress affects behavior whereby formal dressing indicates respect and hence advocated for public gatherings. As much as there is no commandment on how to dress for church we just need to come up with our rules that should be followed.

I leave it at that, and this is just my opinion on CHURCH AND DRESS CODE. However yours is much welcome.


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