The Olorgesailie climb that was an agonizing pleasure

Agonizing pleasure??? How now?? Why combine the two yet they are exactly the opposite??

Twelve days later I still don’t understand what I was looking for on top of some hills in Magadi somewhere called Olorgesailie.

Since I discovered this group called Kwea Milele three years ago, I have never attended any of their fun filled events that happen every month.  Iam a typical face booker I accept the invitation but never make an effort of showing up or making a commitment to attend.

There was this hiking thingy that was happening in Magadi on 30th June and decided to join the Kwea Milele bandwagon. Since I barely knew anyone in that group, apart from two guys I knew were not committed, I convinced my sisters in joining me.  Thank God they all agreed not knowing what was in store for them. I was also green; I knew this was going to be fun but not demanding as it was.

We were advised to wear light clothes because of the hot weather, carry snacks and wear proper shoes for hiking.  I briefed my sisters in advance about what they were expected and guess what one did not follow instructions she opted for Akalaz (Rubber sandals), the rest were in sports shoes though not meant for a hike. I noticed another chic in some leather shoes which got me thinking what the hell!!

On the morning of the hike we prepared snacks, bought drinks (sodas, juice and water), and ensured we had enough sweets and biscuits for energy boosting purposes for the rest of the day.  By 6.15am we were out of the house since we had been told that the bus was leaving town at 7.30am. With a lot of psyche we made our way to the meeting point at Kencom.

On arrival there was no one in site even the familiar faces I met two days before the event to pay and reserve seats for my sisters and I btw the hike was going for Kshs.1350 per person that includes a drink, which I thought was fair enough.   We decided to chill and wait for people to come. The first person to arrive after us came 15minutes later, after an hour guys started coming.  Seriously Africans are bad at keeping time we had been told the bus will be leaving at 7.30am but at 8am that is when guys were arriving.

At around 9.00am everyone had converged at Kencom and off we started the journey. We picked some guys along the way and one guy kept us waiting for 15minutes. Like really!! 9.30am we are still waiting for someone in the bundus on your way to Ongata Rongai! I cursed why we hadn’t sat somewhere in town to have some proper breakfast without rushing or worrying that the bus would leave us!

Fast forward we finally got to the foot of the hill, had a briefing session from one of organizers about the task ahead and off we started the six hour journey. At first it was very easy but by the time we made to the first stop in an hour’s time, some guys could not take it anymore.   However some people, despite the tiredness they kept the rest of us going with jokes through the journey. We rested for only 10 minutes and the journey to the next stop started. At first I was not sure what I had gotten myself into but I kept on convincing myself this far I had come I could not afford to turn back. By the 2nd stop nearly  three quarters of the group couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to stop there, one of the guards who was supposed to the strongest decided we had reached the summit and we could not go any further.  After some consultation and a lot of convincing we decided to go to the next hill. This time round I was done, I felt like crying the summit look so near yet far it was like half an hour away from where we were.  Finally we got there and you could see the excitement on people’s faces for making it to the top. Quickly people grabbed there snacks and started eating. People started bonding, knowing each other and networking slowly turning into one small family in the middle of the jungle(it reminded me of  LOST the movie).

The fun part of it was during the introductions; I had never met such a hilarious group. Apparently majority of the people were accountants, bankers or electrical engineers and things to do with computers. There were four other guys that claimed they were firmers (farmers) I did not understand what exactly they were on about. There was a software gardener ever heard of that? Like really what is was that again? There was this amazing lady who unleashed her business card the moment I mentioned where I worked. Who the hell walks with business cards in such situations, I only know of serious events such as cocktails, dinners with clients and potential clients that you can never miss walking around with cards  but at a hike in some bushes several hills away from human beings no  bloody way!!

An hour later after the laughter and knowing each other we embarked on the journey back to where we had come from. Thought it was easy but hey not at all, the whole body was aching, my feet could not stand the torture but hey we had to go back down. By 6.30pm we were at the foot of the hill and my sister who was in sandals was the last person to arrive an hour later after everyone. Apparently she fell and had to be supported back by the two gentlemen who were our guards.

In deed that was a painful pleasure that I can’t resist incase another offer similar to that comes knocking and yeah I salute all the mountain climbers who do it over and over. All said and done I had mad fun going through the bushes, thorns, rocks etc. to make it to the summit and back. Next challenge please!!! (Shrugs)

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