Knowing when to buy

Each one of us (chics) we are professionals when it comes to impulse buying, I would rate it at 90% with 10% not engaging themselves in this bad habit. But then again is it a bad habit or is it a way of getting hold of what you love without thinking twice.

If you are culprit please like this post and confess the most random things you have done when it comes to impulse buying. I will confess that I have done that at weird hours and when Iam only left with some money for transport for the rest of the week.

So to all impulse buyers it is very important to know when to buy and when to wait and see. This will help you big time in terms of saving andgetting quality items.

Sellers in Kenya have a weird way of swindling money from consumers, this usually depends on the weather, the time of the month, the business location, the person’s appearance and sometimes the time of the day also affects the price of commodities.

When you are coming up with the month’s budget always set aside some specific amount of money for personal items such as clothes and shoes and stick to that.  For instance set aside Kshs. 5000 depending on your income , this will ensure you don’t spend unnecessarily.

A few people I talked to have told me the experience they go through when they to the market place say Toi market or Gikomba dressed in a certain way the sellers will always come up with a price based on how he or she is dressed. The sellers will look at you from head to toe and come up with a price of a commodity they would sell to the next person or earlier person at a cheaper price.

Right now we are experiencing winter Kenyan style J believe you me the price of  trench coats, boots, sweater tops, jumpers etc. have gone up either double or even tripled. Sellers are making money out of this. This is the right time to buy outfits that you would wear during the dry season which usually starts in August or September.  Outfits for the cold season should be bought at the beginning of the year, since no one is concerned with the weather, you will save some coins that can be used to buy other commodities.

It is always good to compare prices, try as much as you can to compare notes of different stores so that you ensure that the next time you see the same shoes or outfit at a cheaper price you will not be cursing. Nairobi has many places with cloth stores and open air market. Online shopping stores are the in thing. You can easily compare the price and decide which outfit or shoe is cheaper and of quality.   For the lovers of new stuff Biashara Street and Moi Avenue Street will be the best places to sample and other stores such as Woolworths, Mr. Price, among others at the shopping Malls. For those who prefer second hand clothes Toi Market, Ngara Market, Gikomba Market will come handy.

Always walk around with a friend who will advice you whether you need it and also help you in bargaining for the commodities and finally settling on what you required

For the late night shoppers ensure that the seller is in a well-lit place so that they don’t sell you stuff that is not of quality especially shoes. I bought a green suede shoe thinking that I had bought brown shoes. I felt cheated and regretted buying it.   Sometimes one can easily get ways with stuff that are of quality and cheaper on the streets but you have to be very careful when sampling them.

Finally apologies for not being consistent with my postings due to unavoidable circumstances such as trying to balance work etc.


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