Redefining Fashion with Brogues

Shoes play an important role when it comes to your overall appearance and personality.  You can wear an outfit that makes heads turn but without the perfect shoes the look will be a disaster hence making you not look sophisticated. Therefore it is very imperative to wear a pair of shoes that match your attires for a killer look.  Ladies we have a new addition to our shoes family tree “Brogues”. 

Brogues/ Brogue??!! Just wondering who came up with such a name for these kind of shoes. Brogues or let us call them the lace up shoes or man shoes for lack of a better word has been around for many years and common amongst men.  Back in the day these shoes that are becoming a fashion trend were used as working boots or shoes but nowadays they are used as formal shoes by both men and women.

Ladies have slowly but surely adopting the latest trend by wearing them.  This is as a result of ladies adopting menswear into their fashion wardrobe which is here to stay. These include boyfriend jeans; boyfriend jackets among others, before we knew it brogues shoes hit the market targeting ladies. Brogues shoes are meant to incorporate feminism and masculinity in terms of looks.

Brogues come in array of heel heights either as high-heel, flat shoes or wedge, different colours and sizes. I must say these shoes are a rare commodity in the market, I have been bugging my shoe suppliers to get me a pair of high heels for the last two months and the other day, I came across several pairs at Elegant Exhibition. This is one place you can never miss anything when it comes to shoes and clothes. I also got flat Brogues pair for weekend wear and casual look *thanks to that street vendor who sold it to me for Kshs.450 at 2.00am after a night out*.

Brogues shoes are stylish and can completely change your whole look in terms of personality and also make you walk with confidence no matter what you are wearing.  Brogues shoes also have a brogue detail in matte or glossy patent finish which can have contrasting color.

If you want to look girly wear your brogues with a pastel or multicolored brogues or high heel brogues with a dress. In order to go retro wear them with a pair of shorts or a skirt, not forgetting jeans or leggings for the lovers of trousers.

One can wear brogues to work, social gatherings, formal function depending on what you have worn it will definitely look great. (All season wear)

There you go if you want to rock the brogues shoes you can get them at Elegant Exhibition especially high heel or Mr. Price CBD shop. Mr. Price stocks the flat brogues that come in different colours and shapes.

Have a Brogues day!!!!



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