Castle Milk Stout makes a re-entry into the Kenya market

Kenyans will now have the choice of a second stout with the re-entry of Castle Milk Stout (CMS) into the market. The beer will be distributed by Crown Beverages and comes in a 330ml non-returnable bottle retailing at Kshs. 117.

“The Kenyan Stout drinker is starved for choice in as far as this category is concerned” said Crown Beverage Marketing Manager, Pinkie Nyandoro.  ‘Yet, stout beer has a loyal following translating into a 20% market share in the beer category. We therefore saw great business potential in making a foray into this portfolio by bringing back a beer that many Kenyans loved and continue to ask for.”

Castle Milk Stout is targeted at social males and females between the ages of 24-35years and will be available countrywide. The beer which has won the Grand Gold Award for taste at the Monde Selection Quality Awards for the second year running is currently available in amongst other countries SA, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda.

The beer derives its name from the brewing process, unlike other stouts it is brewed as a lager and therefore takes longer to brew. The dark-roasted malt provides its distinctive coloring together with a creamy smooth head that comes from special yeast.


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