Sunday 4th March was the day I had marked my calendar to attend the 1st 2012 Blankets and Wine.   This time round one of our clients was part of the event through sponsorship at the same time rebranding. The news was great because I was  going to be part of the team that organizes the event however the sad part was I had to work tirelessly to ensure the day goes well as planned  instead of enjoying and having fun with my friends.

Keringet rebranded their new bottle at the same venue since Crown Beverages is the main sponsor of Blankets and Wine events for the entire year at USD 193,000. The sponsorship covers 17 events in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania specifically for 8 international artists and 7 regional collaborations.

Jason Schmidt - Crown Beverages MD

People started streaming in as early as 11.00am for an event that was meant to start at 12.00noon, so you can imagine the anticipation. By 2pm the venue was parked with people from all walks of life, the children and the elderly were not left behind.

The Queue at the entrance
Ofcourse there had to be food!!
The little Girl was not left behind
Even the Morans were there

People wore all kinds of outfits, it is like they were briefed that there will be a prize for the best dressed. Everyone wants to look the best by all means; men and women alike looked stylish and elegant in their long flowing flowery dresses, short dresses, shorts, caps, hats of different sizes.

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The entertainment was also at its best, the likes of Atemi Oyungu and Anto Neo Soul who kept the crowd on their toes for the entire time. The show stopper was Lira from South Africa who entertained the crowd for one and half hours nonstop.

Anto NeoSoul with a guest on the stage
Atemi Oyungu entertaining the crowd
Guest Artist Lira from South Africa

In my own opinion Blankets and Wine event is just in its own class because of the kind of crowd it attracts. I must say this is an event that people especially Corporates need to watch out for since it has a massive following. However there is a big challenge when it comes to parking and the traffic jam on that dusty road leading to  Mamba Village, the organizers should come up with a strategy on what needs to be done to ease traffic and parking as well. The next Blankets and Wine event is scheduled for 7th April in Diani- Mombasa.