Kenya Premier League football is here, gone are the days people would concentrate only on international premiership, with a few going to the stadium to cheer their favorite team. The local football scene has seen a tremendous change in terms of fans with majority of women coming out in huge numbers to support their favorite teams.

For the female  football lovers, there are challenges of what to wear when attending the football game, which will be comfortable at the same time stylish. It is time we treated football with elegance and style in terms of dressing. It is very imperative to be appropriately dressing for the game when you are out with your friends, of course there should be some glamor and sophistication to make heads turn.

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  1. nice piece but the heels for the game! what happens when the in laws are playing and you know the stone throwing activities involved, will one be able to run with the shoes.

  2. Nice read, In Kenya stone throwing after a team has been defeated has become a norm, and therefore flats and maybe denim would come in handy just incase. gd wak!

  3. Brenda, Congratulations! Truth be told, this is one blog that is on top list. It is very engaging and interactive.
    Unfortunately on matters football, i have no idea as am no fan and keen follower of football but i guess the topic is relevant to those who love football not forgetting that Kenyans are real “addicts” of footbal.

    Keep up the good work, i will be following you closely.

    • Hi Elisha thanks for the comment, however this is just a general post to everyone especially chics it does not mean you have to put on the jersey when attending the matches but on a random day when you have to wear it mayb weekends.

    • hi Moh thanks yeah there are different sizes of the jersey infact there is a shop along bIashara street that sells different team’s outfit both local and international. Keep checking more coming your way. cheers!!!

  4. Wow!!!!!Lovely lovely lovely…..hook me up with your fashion designer ASAP………

    Plizzzzz while stocks last!!!!

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