Events and Dress Code

Recently a friend was celebrating her birthday. She was very excited to have turned a  year older and starting a new decade, she had a hard time on what she would do on her birthday, some of the ideas were a lunch with friends, an out of town trip with her baby or an indoor  dinner.  She asked for suggestions from her friends who didn’t help her much.  She thought of a night out with girlfriends!!!   She organized for dinner with her friends and afterwards went out to dance the night away.

This is a chic who loves the best out of what she does and she decided that the night out should have a dress code, guess what she  asked people to dress in WHITE, I mean really!!!! WHITE!!! Some of my friends wondered what they would wear because it had never crossed their mind that they will get a girls night out invitation with white as dress code, there were those like me who had overdone the white dress code and thought again another white event hell no!! I opted for my Little Black Dress with white shoes and belt to at least have a touch of white. There those who followed the brief and showed up in white and others never tried at all.

What is the moral of the story?  People have had a problem with dress code and events, be it small or big.  Dress code is an important element when it comes to events organization, in order for an event to be organized there is always an objective; which would be an anniversary, a launch or a get together. The reason why this is done is for you think out of the box and try your best and follow the dress code. Wherever you receive such an invitation don’t ignore or assume people will  not follow the dress code, shock on you because one,  you will feel out of place, embarrassed and the rest of the day or evening will bad to you.

White Dress Affair

The event’s organisers in Kenya are outdoing themselves when it comes to ensuring that their guests turn up elegantly dressed of course there has to be a theme for instance “Elegantly Victorian”. As a guest you are expected to do a bit of research by either asking around or Google for ideas. The research helps the guests have an idea of what to wear, even if there is nothing Victorian in your wardrobe you can improvise or work with what is available and come out elegant. The dress codes is mostly emphasised and to some extent the best dressed are usually rewarded.

Top 40 under 40 Dinner
Top 40 Under 40 men Dinner

Recent events that have had a dress code and strictly followed include the Miller Genuine Draft Beer Launch, this is a new beer in the market where people came out smashing in all white both men and women, The Fashion High Tea that saw ladies from all walks of life show off their best huge hats, shades and sunny dresses, Ecobank’s End of year party that saw staff members show off their African themed outfits from different parts of Africa such as Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya etc, Top 40 under 40 men Kenyan men under 40 recognized by the Nation Media Group.

Next time you receive that invitation card with a dress code, be it a baby shower, company event, wedding or a picnic try your best to follow the brief by doing some research and going through your wardrobe you never know you might land on outfit that is best for that occasion.

Ecobank End of Year Staff Party
Miller Genuine Draft Beer Launch
Miller Genuine Draft Launch
Miller Geunine Draft Launch
Miller Genuine Draft Launch


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