When someone mentions about shoes and shoe buying I am always keen to find out details about what they are talking about. I will have to confess that I have a fetish for shoes and I know several people who are like me.

Let start by asking these questions: – How many pairs of shoes do you have? What different colours are they? How often do you wear the shoes? What shoes do you wear for different occasions? How much have you invested in those shoes? Are they worth it?

But sometimes we don’t put into consideration whether the shoe is the right size for us.  I have corns as a result of buying the wrong fitting shoes just because I saw them, loved them and convinced myself that at some point they would fit properly.

It is imperative to choose the right fitting shoes that you will be comfortable in for a prolonged period of time; be it at a  cocktail, at work, in the field or whenever, wherever.

Ask yourself these questions: What are the considerations for choosing the right shoes? My opinion is that they should:

  • Flatter your proportions
  • Work with your outfit
  • Be appropriate for the occasion
  • Suit your personality

Some of us don’t adhere to the above considerations, so long as the shoes fit, slightly fit whether bigger or smaller we are good to go. Sometimes I wonder when buying smaller shoes do we ever ask ourselves whether our feet will be smaller at some point, for heavens sake that can never happen unless you are planning to  cut off your toes or  your heel!!!  Whether you become big or small the feet will always remain the same.

below is an overview of the different areas of  a shoe…

  • The vamp – this is the opening where the foot goes into the shoe. Straps that come higher up the foot typically give the effect of a high vamp. Shoe boots and ankle boots are classed as high vamp shoes.
  • The toe – can be open, closed or peep-toe and varies in shape. Closed shoes are typically seen as more formal than open-toed shoes (with the exception of evening wear) and are always suitable for work.
  • The heel – heel heights vary from flat to ultra high. Heel styles vary from skinny, such as stillettos, through chunky, stacked styles to a wedge, which is the most supportive to the foot. Thicker heels make the shoe look heavier.
  • The sole – varies from thin to platform. The thicker the sole, the heavier it appears.

Also consider the following when shoe-shopping:-

The shoes have to fit perfectly.  Ensure that the length and width of the shoes are right so that when trying out the widest part of the feet fits in the widest part of the shoes comfortably. Feet tend to swell throughout the day; therefore it is important to fit into the shoes in the evening. Don’t choose shoes based on the size marked inside the shoe but by how the shoes actually fit your feet.

Comfortable shoes are a must have. Always be on the lookout for shoes that will make you have blisters or corns at the end of the day which is not a good sight at all. To ensure that they are comfortable, when fitting walk around in the shoes before you consider buying them.

Also put into consideration the health aspect of the shoes before buying. Very high heeled shoes will sometimes cause back pains when won every so often, or when someone walks for several hours.  If you know that at some point you will walk for several hours always carry flat shoes to change. Low heeled shoes are more comfortable, safer and less damaging. Choose shoes with a strong heel counter cup and support heel and help stabilize the foot.

 I do believe that the next time you enter into a shop be it Mr. Price, Bata Shop, Ngara, Gikomba or Toy Market the above guidelines will help you choose proper shoes that will make your feet look great at the same time ease any kind of discomfort.

Finally, I leave you with some wise words from Marilyn Monroe: “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”



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