Amondi Agutu

I sat on the side of the pavement with Kinyanjui, who is one of my favourite PR photographers, watching the students and their parents talk excitedly about the new lease of life extended to them.  It was obvious that these families were disadvantaged (economically) and only this kind of assistance could help them realize their dreams.  I sat through the introductions and smiled every time a student shared their dreams.  Most of them want to be Lawyers or Aeronautical Engineers; one of them would like to be a judge and another a journalist.  There were about 56 students present.

Given a chance to vote on favourite CSR activities, I would arguably choose this; helping bright but disadvantaged students to go through their high school education, and not only paying their school fees but also mentoring them in the process.  I could tell that some were nervous, some were anxious, some…

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  1. This is a great piece let us wait after 4 years to see where their stand will be and hope one day someone will say when I grow up I want to be a creative director for an advertising company, PR Manager, Media Buyer etc..

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