What is your fashion sense….

Every day as I walk on the streets and see beautiful ladies dressed in all kinds of outfits, and I get thinking… Did she have to wear that dress in this weather; why didn’t she choose the right shoes to go with that elegant outfit; wow she looks h-o-o-o-t in that dress; I wish I would walk to her and tell her the outfit is great but not for that particular occasion.

Whenever I see someone wearing something elegant or a random-looking outfit I like sharing my frustrations and thoughts with my friend Amondi Agutu who sits next to me at the office.  I am an avid follower of local and global fashion trends. As a result she (Amondi Agutu) encouraged me to put my ideas and frustrations on a blog, so here I we go! J

There is this perception that in order to look great and elegant one has to wear expensive clothes, either imported or from our local designers. My advice would be that you don’t have to rob a bank to look elegant, the secret lies in picking pieces from your wardrobe then mixing and matching them and you are good to go.

A word of caution… before you leave the house take time to look at yourself in the mirror, ask yourself these questions; does this outfit look good on me; will it be a show stopper the moment I step out of the house; what will people think of me in this outfit; because seriously if you decide to leave the house in a bikini or night gown to work, people will think you have gone crazy or you are in the process of checking into Mathare Hospital.

Learn to wear clothes that will make you feel comfortable the whole day, without wondering what others are saying or thinking about. Also do not wear an outfit because someone else wore it and she looked great in it.   Because our tastes, body types and colour compatibilities vary.

I would like to thank my dear friend, Amondi Agutu, for encouraging me to get this blog up and running; it is my hope that people will learn one or two things from this address.


TrendyBFashion House

An upcoming fashion label in Kenya that concentrates on Contemporary apparel that is accessible, in price and style which has a touch of modern with focus on meeting each clientele need. We also aim at transforming individual's wardrobes with closet makeover on a relatively affordable budget.


  1. But it is based on self analysis is it not? If I think I look good then that’s it! But congratulations on your blog I promise to be an avid contributor

  2. hmmm ..good to go gal…but wish you would dgo a step ahead and do a small fashion show on how to mix and match on ur wordrobe..and maybe tips on the different body types…would be an eye opener..and remember the scarf thing..hmmmm you can also custom make it to us kenyan women and with the different weathers…then i would aslo like to learn more about this trench coat..phanatism in town now..when to wear it and how..and why..hahah just ma thots for ur blog..gal..will definately be reading it

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