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Mumbi Shokey


Last week I had the pleasure of attending a very warm dinner with other bloggers at Le Palanka, courtesy of  Always Kenya.I had a s light idea of what it would be like because i had already watched this advert on you tube.Every time I’d watch it though, I was reminded of how girls are treated tender from the younger years. When we fall, we are held and our tears are wiped because we’re soft.When we are moody, everyone assumes it’s that time of the month.When we are taking time to dress up, the men wait impatiently but they know we can’t help it.We are girls.

But I am so damn proud to be a girl,a woman!I can do things thrice as good as my brothers.I can change bulbs, hammer nails into doors, push the car when it won’t start you name it!Not forgetting that can I cook, talk and…

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A couple of weeks ago Mille Collines in partner with Martini launched an ad campaign BORN TO SUCCEED showing their men’s line and who the target market of  was. In connection to this they were to open a store at the village market there after the campaign.

IMG_8018mille collins 3

This is how it all went down.

first you had to make sure your name was on the list because this was an invites only affair


off to the red carpet , we all know no fashion oriented event is complete with out it.

(From left) Diana Opoti , (stylist)Anabel Onyango, (musician/business woman)Stela Mwangi and( stylist )Wambui Thimba


Photographer Emmanuel Jambo and Diana

emannuel jambo and diana

Sonya and Sheya

Sonya and Sheya

Naomi and Dorothy

Naomi and dorothy

Strut it Africa Models

Strut it afrika models

Jannet and Abraham

Jannet and abraham

then we had to go into the store and see what they had to offer

mille collinesIMG_8025IMG_8022IMG_8029mille collines (2)IMG_8013IMG_8011mille collinsMille collins shirt on display

in every event don’t forget to network and socialize just like they…

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A bar tender was made to be the best at two things, making a mean cocktail and being a part time “psychologist”. This career choice is a talent to any individual and clear that their taste buds are in check. Just like any other talent it needs to be nurtured into something greater that will have your name jolted down in history books.

On the 2nd of  July Bacardi Limited, the world’s largest privately held spirits company, is leading the way to simplify cocktail-making with two new platforms designed to make it easy for Kenyan consumers and bartenders to make cocktails.

Bacardi Limited this week concluded a three day bartender training session which saw bartenders learn skills on making Bacardi cocktails to enable them to expertly craft their customers’ favorite cocktails. The brands they were taught to make cocktails on include Bacardi rum, Martini, Grey Goose vodka,  Dewars whisky and…

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Why Smoothies Work

Healthy Living Kenya

Many of my weight loss clients often mention to me a popular facebook page, operation lose that pot belly, on how they insist on smoothies for weight loss and on this post I will break down why smoothies are very effective on managing weight.

Raw Nutrition

The ‘ordinary’ Kenyan diet has very little or no raw foods in it. Am not talking about fruit, which is vital for weight loss, though in small quantities, am talking about raw green vegetables with live enzymes and unharmed nutrients which are easily damaged by heat. And considering how most people overcook their veggies, its appalling how little of raw foods people consume and hence the high frequency of obesity and lifestyle diseases among mostly urban middle class.

green smoothie Kale-Coconut Smoothie

The basic smoothie I recommend to my clientele is based on fresh (preferably organic) local vegetables. The trick here is to consume more…

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Casa Bacardi party ends in Super Star style

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